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Industrial Racks
Industrial racks, available in various sizes and rectangular shapes, offer versatile storage solutions for different industrial needs. With options in blue, black, green, silver, and grey, these racks come in diverse types to meet specific requirements. Crafted from durable mild steel or iron, they ensure reliable and efficient industrial storage.
Cable Tray
Cable trays, crucial for organized cable management, are made of durable steel. Available in types like ladder and perforated, they cater to diverse installation needs. The surface finishes, GI galvanized and pre-galvanized, provide corrosion resistance. With a colorless appearance, these trays accommodate various conductor materials, with aluminum being a popular choice for its conductivity and lightweight properties.
Display Racks
Display racks, crucial for industrial use, feature single-sided shelves with a powder-coated surface treatment. Constructed from durable steel, they come in different sizes and color combinations like white & red or white and blue. Available in various types, these racks offer versatile and organized storage solutions, ensuring durability and efficiency in diverse industrial settings.
Electric Stacker
Electric stackers, featuring strong and durable attributes, operate on voltages from 220 to 420 volts. Available in various types and sleek color combinations like black and yellow, black and orange, or black and red, they ensure efficient material handling. Sold in new condition, electric stackers come with a 1-year warranty, providing reliability and longevity assurance.
Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine floors, made of robust steel, offer versatile solutions in various sizes. With options for blue or multicolor, these floors are adaptable to different environments. Their steel construction ensures durability and strength, providing efficient additional space for storage or workspace needs in diverse settings.
Plastic Pallet
Plastic pallets, crafted from durable plastic, come in different sizes and color options like blue or red. Widely used in logistics, manufacturing, and retail, these pallets offer a color-coded system for efficient material handling. Their specific features include resistance to moisture, chemicals, and damage, ensuring product integrity during transport or storage.
Cable Tray Accessories
Cable tray accessories, made of steel with color options including colorless or any color, are essential for organized cable management. Used in various industries, they offer benefits like corrosion resistance with GI galvanized finish. Their specific features include adaptability to cable tray systems, enhancing efficiency and maintenance in diverse applications.
Slotted Angles
Slotted angles, made of iron with a sleek black finish through powder coating, come in various sizes. Used in shelving and framing, these angles offer adaptability and durability. Their benefits include easy assembly, customization, and sturdy construction, making them essential for creating versatile and organized storage structures.
Pallet Truck
Pallet trucks, vital for industrial use, feature strong and durable attributes in various sizes. With an electric pallet color option in black and orange or black and yellow, they operate on voltages from 220 to 420 volts. Sold in new condition with a 1-year warranty, pallet trucks ensure reliable and efficient material handling in industrial settings.
Goods Lift
Goods lifts, categorized as lifts, are essential for vertical transportation in various industries. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they ensure reliability and resilience. Used in manufacturing, warehouses, and logistics, these lifts offer benefits such as efficient material transfer between floors. Their specific features include safety mechanisms, customizable sizes, and a sleek stainless steel design.
Hydraulic Stacker
Hydraulic stackers, crucial for industrial use, operate on voltages from 220 to 440 volts and come in different sizes. Adorned in black and yellow or black and red, they feature a sturdy steel body. With a 1-year warranty, these stackers offer benefits like reliable lifting and maneuverability, contributing to streamlined material handling in industrial settings.
Dock Leveler
Dock levelers, with strong and durable attributes, come in various sizes for efficient loading. Operating on voltages from 220 to 420 volts, they are mobile dock ramp levelers available in black or blue. Sold in new condition with a 1-year warranty, these levelers ensure reliable and safe material transfer between vehicles and docks.
Cable Raceways
Cable raceways, made of durable steel, feature surface finishes like pre-galvanized or powder-coated for corrosion resistance. Widely used for organized cable management, these raceways offer benefits such as longevity and adaptability. Their specific features include easy installation, customization options, and protection for cables in diverse industrial and commercial applications.
Drum Lifter Cum Tilter
Drum Lifter Cum Tilter, in vibrant black and yellow or orange, exhibits strong and durable attributes. Available in different sizes, it operates on voltages from 220 to 420 volts. Sold in new condition with a 1-year warranty, this equipment facilitates efficient drum handling, ensuring reliability in industrial settings.

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